Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adventures in a wet county

Before heading to the wilds of Northeast Texas two days ago, I noticed that my car was showing symptoms of a coolant leak. Although there weren't any telltale drips underneath, it was almost a gallon low on coolant. So I gave it a drink before leaving Chez Melina in the care of E.H.*

I arrived without mishap, but the car's temperature promptly went into the dreaded red zone the next day after a shortish drive. I ended up pulling into a shaded side street so I could wait until the engine had cooled down enough for some additional diagnosis.

During my wait, I was joined by an unshaven, yet polite indigent who seemed a bit intimidated by me. I can only guess I was giving him my No Panhandling look without realizing it. Women always seem to be their favorite victims and this pisses me off.

After a few minutes, I unlocked the trunk of the car to take out the coolant I'd stashed. Of all the days to find a ten-dollar bill lying in the street, I actually found one behind the car. I remember looking down at it for a few seconds, and wondering about the odd coincidence of it all.

I ended up offering it to the friendly indigent, who promptly refused it. I then pointed out that I couldn't have dropped it -- my wallet was on the front seat of the car -- and I couldn't just tear it in half to share. So he finally accepted it. I don't think he was going to buy Thunderbird with the money; I suspect he was simply between jobs. (I can't say "Like me", as each time I finish some work for D.D.'s* ex-business partner, he promptly hands me another assignment.)

Although the car has behaved during the day's errands, I'm still going to take it to the repair shop tomorrow. An overheated engine or cracked block can ruin your day.

And I need to have a chat with my mother's doctor, asking why is he giving her eight medications. In particular, he's overdosing her with beta blockers to the point where her blood pressure isn't just low, it's practically in the basement. I kept getting 100/56 when playing Visiting Nurse with her this afternoon.

* See Key to Characters at right.

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Maurice said...

"What's the word?
What's the price?
Thirty, twice."

A commercial from my father's youth.